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Starlight Testimonials

Video: Mr. James


Starlight patient in 2001

My name is James Murphy, I am an expatriate in America. I’m a lecturer in finance at a local Ho Chi Minh university. And I first arrived in Vietnam 15 years ago, in April of 2001. And since August 2001, I’ve been a client of Dr Philippe at Starlight Dental. Since that time, I have a very close relationship with the doctors and with Starlight.

I always encourage my friends and family to use Starlight, even my son who lives in Vietnam for several years came to Starlight and had an orthodontic work done quite successfully. And there is an added benefit coming to Starlight, it’s not just coming to see the dentist, it’s a venerable art museum in this office. Dr Philippe is a lover of finding artwork and there are quite a few paintings and some work hanging up. I always leave them gentle ask when can I take one home with me. it’s overall very very blessed and experienced. I can’t remember in my town that I always looking forward to going to the dentist office but these days it’s enjoyable to come here, the office is relaxed, the layout is very very comfortable, very beautiful and overall it’s a very nice experience.
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