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Starlight and Les Enfants du Dragon

Les Enfants du Dragon

About Les Enfants du Dragon
Les Enfants du Dragon is a French association, which has as her goal to financially and materially support humanitarian projects in favor of the children and the poorest in Vietnam. Les enfants du dragon also allows volunteers to perform missions in Vietnam for the association or through other partners. The association promotes the humanitarian actions through a newsletter and her website

Starlight and Les Enfants du Dragon
In December 2016, Starlight Dental Clinic has set up the dental office furniture, design, equipment etc for this orphanage. The office was inaugurate the 19 November 2016. The dental office will be dedicated for the kids of the orphanage but also for all kids in difficulty in the region. Also it will be used by different mission of foreign dentists coming to Vietnam for charitative treatment.... We are very happy to help Les Enfants du Dragon and we will also provide consumable product.

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